" " Somaliland Cyberspace-Sustainable development " "

Somaliland CyberSpace

Sustainable Development Issues and Readings


  1. Background Data
  2. Sustainable development Fundamentals
  3. Choosing a development strategy
  4. Mainstreaming gender equity
  5. Establishing an impartial and independent criminal justice system
  6. Implementing sustainable development summits' recommendations s
  7. Implementing the human rights instruments
  8. Achieving the millenium development goals
  9. Protecting environment
  10. Implementing tranparent and participatory governance
  11. Closing the digital divide
  12. Resolving Ethnic Conflicts
  13. Promoting localism not globalism

Background Data

1.Sustainable Development Fundamentals
2. Choosing a Development Strategy
3. Mainstreaming Gender Equity
4. Establishing an Impartial and Independent Criminal Justice System
5. Implementing Sustainable Development Summits' recommendations

6. Implementing the Human Rights Instruments
7. Achieving the Millenium Development Goals
8. Protecting Environment
9. Implementing Tranparent and Inclusive governance
10. Closing the Digital Divide
11. Resolving Ethnic Conflicts
12. Promoting localism not globalism

Check also Sustainable development papers (1996-2000)