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It's worth remembering that during the last famine in 2011-2012, around 250,000 people died. Today, the Somalis are facing a much worse famine than ever. It's about time to prevent these tragedies by holding the so-called leaders responsible for these man-made famines.

In these news updates, I post all kinds of headlines and titles published on the Horn of Africa and on the Somali diaspora. Although Somaliland is politically distinct from neighboring countries, nevertheless there are many issues the entire Somali region as a whole shares due to ecology, culture and history. For example, Somaliland shares with Somalia and other neighbouring countries many challenges and issues, including recurring drought, famine, militant terrorism, internally displaced refugees, climate change, charcoal use and its export which is now banned by the UN, human trafficking 'tahriib', illegal fishing, waste dumping and piracy, remittances 'hawallas', FGM and many others. After the initial posting, some of these links are available in the News archives.

    Updated March 24

  1. Berbera may not be a haven of peace for DP World (register)
  2. Djibouti-Somaliland feeder line service to launch in April
  3. Somaliland: Emiratis Military Base in Berbera agreement Signed Join our daily free Newsletter
  4. Somaliland: A tiny Catholic community brings a glimmer of hope
  5. DP World May Develop Port in Somali Region, President Says
  6. Somaliland: Official says 80 percent of livestock dead in Somaliland
  7. Somalia: Somaliland Teacher Arrested for Impersonating President Silaanyo
  8. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed: Help the Somali people (Al-jazeera)
  9. Somali pirates take over Somali vessel to use as floating base: police (Reuters)
  10. Turkey to open military base in Mogadishu (defenceWeb)
  11. Africa urged to find durable solution for Somali refugees (Xinhua)
  12. Kenya to Reopen Border With Somalia (VOA News)
  13. Somalia+3 others: 700,000 children on the brink of death as aid is delayed (World Vision)
  14. Somalia: A moment of hope amid tragedy, says UN envoy (UN News Center)
  15. Al-Shabab claims to kill 17 soldiers in Somalia attack (AP)
  16. Car bomb near Somalia presidential palace kills 1, hurts 2
  17. Hungry and desperate, thousands of Somalis trek to Ethiopia (UNHCR)
  18. General favors more aggressive approach in Somalia (AP)
  19. Somali Pirates Hijack Dhow to Use as 'Mothership'
  20. Second car bomb claims 2 lives in Somali capital (
  21. Fleeing drought-affected areas: Internal displacements continue in Somalia (Reliefweb)
  22. Views of Somali women and men on the use of faith-based messages promoting breast and cervical cancer screening for Somali women: a focus-group study
  23. Kenyan accused of 'hacking tax agency, stealing $40m' (Al-jazeera)
  24. Kenya: Solar Boreholes, Irrigated Crops Throw Lifeline to Kenyan Herders
  25. Kenya sells first ever mobile government bonds (News24)
  26. The man behind Ethiopia's first botanic garden
  27. Africa: Explainer - Why Cholera Remains a Public Health Threat (The Conversation)
  28. Eastleigh: What's In A Name? (The Star)
  29. Woman photographed in hijab on Westminster Bridge responds to online abuse (The Guardian)
  30. London Terrorist Khalid Masood Was 52-Year-Old Family Man and English Teacher
  31. ISIS Claims Responsibility For London Attack (Town Hall)
    Updated March 23

  32. Official: At Least 25 Starve to Death in Somaliland (VOA News)
  33. Documenting diversity: "Somaliland" depicts the lives of Somali students
  34. Somaliland Drought "A Kind Of Nightmare" - And A Security Threat: Minister (Reuters)
  35. Djibouti-Somaliland feeder line service to launch in April
  36. Water is the limiting factor for the development of most economic activities of Somaliland
  37. Somalia: Somaliland Drought 'A Kind of Nightmare' - and a Security Threat - Minister (Allafrica)
  38. Somaliland police arrests a teacher for having the same name as that of the president
  39. Somaliland: Emiratis Military Base in Berbera agreement Signed
  40. Somaliland: Local and Expatriate Christians Exercise Constitutional Right to Freedom of Belief
  41. 10 things you need to know from @UNOCHA about the looming famine in Somalia (UN OCHA)
  42. UN struggles to raise funds to avert famine in Somalia (Yahoo)
  43. SRSG Michael Keating briefing to the Security Council on Somalia (Reliefweb)
  44. Potential famine in Somalia push children out of school (World Vision)
  45. 3 to 4 Months Before Millions Die of Famine in Somalia and Yemen, Red Cross Warns (Global Citizen.)
  46. Hunger situation in Somalia highlights problematic refugee ban (CRS)
  47. 10 Killed In Clashes Between Somali Army And Al-Shabaab (Anadolu Agency)
  48. Islamic State Group Routed in Somalia's Puntland, President Says (Bloomberg)
  49. Somalia's Puntland in Port Talks With DP World, President Says (Bloomberg)
  50. Fowzia Health foundation: Fundraising Event
  51. Somalia experiencing moment of hope and tragedy: UN special envoy
  52. Turkish Airlines to transport 60 tons of aid to Somalia (Anadolu Agency)
  53. U.N. Says an $864 Million Appeal for Drought-Hit Somalia Is Only 31% Funded (AP)
  54. Somalia's Illegal Fishing Problem Is About More Than Piracy
  55. Kenya: Protect Somalis Facing Conflict, Abuses, Drought (Human Rights Watch)
  56. Yemen and Somalia 'months away' from famine (Aljazeera)
  57. Social Media Star Has A 'Crazy Idea' To Help Somalia (WVXU)
  58. Homegrown Technology Is Being Used To Help Millions At Risk From A Devastating Famine In Africa (Quartz)
  59. Why is there a food shortage in Somalia? (TRT World)
  60. Somalia: Rebuilding a national university after decades of war
  61. Kenya launches direct flights to Somalia, opens borders
  62. UN Reports Worsening Humanitarian Situation In Somalia (Xinhua)
  63. The Interview: Navigating The Foreign Policy Maze For Farmaajo's Administration (Goobjoog News)
  64. 'You Cannot Have Peace if You Don't Listen to Women' (New York Times)
  65. Corrupt Leaders Thrust South Sudan Into Famine and Abject Ruin (The Daily Beast)
  66. Reality and the U.S.-Made Famine in Yemen (
  67. Kenya to offer mobile phone-based bond to investors
  68. The Future of Islamic State Operations in Africa
  69. Why are there still famines? (Socialist Worker)
  70. Desperation in Somaliland: No food, only dust (Reliefweb)
  71. DP World delivers 4.5 million litres of water to Somaliland
  72. Somaliland officials with British passports are liable to prosecution under the UK Bribery Act-UK Deputy Ambassador to Somalia says
  73. UK excludes Somaliland from donor meet over postponed elections
  74. Important notice for Somaliland travelers to UK
  75. Somaliland: New Era for Hargeisa Group Hospital
  76. Somaliland: "Silanyo's Administration Most Media Oppressive in Country's Post 1991 Era"-Irro
  77. The Face Of Hunger: Family Portraits From The Crisis In Somaliland (BBC)
  78. Water An Extra-precious Resource During Severe Drought (ICRC)
  79. Social Media Star Has A 'Crazy Idea' To Help Somalia (NPR)
  80. World has just months to stop starvation in Yemen, Somalia - Red Cross (Reuters Africa)

That freedom shall not perish....

Please contact CPJ, Reporters without Borders, IFEX, Article 19, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International if you know a journalist in jail or injured. To benefit an informed public, in an information age, an open economy and in a democracy, citizens should fight for both. In Somaliland, read more:Freedom of press in Somaliland and Hubaal and Haatuf's forced closures

An Aggressive Free Press is the Only Check on Abuse of Power. Fight for Your Right to Know. Free Media Cannot be Silenced. Democracy Dies in Darkness.

Read more:Sustainable Development Issues and Readings II

"I would rather open my mind with wonder ...than close it with belief."

"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." - William Shakespeare, Entire play.All's Well That Ends Well.

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