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In these news updates, I post all kinds of headlines and titles published on the Horn of Africa and on the Somali diaspora. Although Somaliland is politically distinct from neighboring countries, nevertheless there are many issues the entire Somali region as a whole shares due to ecology, culture and history. For example, Somaliland shares with Somalia and other neighbouring countries many challenges and issues, including recurring droughts, famine, militant terrorism, internally displaced refugees, climate change, charcoal use and its export which is now banned by the UN, human trafficking 'tahriib', illegal fishing, waste dumping and piracy, remittances 'hawallas', FGM and many others. After the initial posting, some of these links are available in the News archives.
    Current News Links- Updated August 17

  1. Finding Somaliland's ancient cave art is hard. Protecting it could be harder.
  2. Somaliland:"The Country Expects Much from its Youths Especially during this Election Period".
  3. Somaliland:"Apart from Prestige DP World has not Changed Status at Berbera Port".
  4. Somaliland: Nationalist Ahmed Kadleye to BBC "You Got It Wrong on My Country Somaliland"
  5. Somaliland: Telesom unveils new cloud-based service
  6. More reproductive health services for Somali youth
  7. Continued measles spread in Somalia crisis prompts WHO call for donor support
  8. US says airstrikes kill 7 al-Shabab fighters in Somalia (ABC News)
  9. Turkish Military Base In Somalia: Risks And Opportunities (Arab News)
  10. A day in the life: Saving lives in drought-hit Somalia (Care International)
  11. Somalia under pressure to side with Saudi Arabia, UAE against Qatar (africanews)
  12. Somalia: Country Humanitarian Communiqué, June - July 2017
  13. On the road with Somalia's Red Crescent mobile health clinics (ICRC)
  14. The Somali Shuffle (FrontPage Magazine)
  15. Somalia advised to create avenues to receive Al-Shabaab defectors
  16. Oxfam: 700,000 at Risk of Starvation in Ethiopia
  17. US troops call in airstrike after they come under fire in Somalia
  18. Somalia: UNHCR Increased Its Drought Response Assistance in Somalia
  19. Somalia: Govt Urges More Al-Shabaab Fighters to Surrender
  20. Swedish soldiers to fend off pirates near Somalia
  21. Muslims who mock Islam
  22. Seeking an African presidency through the courts - how feasible?
  23. Kenyan Women Win Big in Just-Concluded Elections
  24. The first federal criminal case on female genital mutilation will test the limits of religious liberty.
  25. Somaliland:Dahabshil group lauded for it's contributions towards public safety
  26. Somaliland:Briefing Paper of Somaliland Voter Cards Distribution-CPA
  27. Somaliland warns Somalia's provocative Telecom's law
  28. Somaliland: The Inflation Vs Mobile Money Banking Fiasco
  29. Seminars Successfully Completed to Improve Ministry of Fisheries Staff Capacity

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