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Imgur photos account contains many images generated by this website over the years in expanding the reach of Somali studies and promoting sustainable development.

This page on Imgur site contains horrifying news. Shocking data is coming out of Somalia concerning not just the death toll due to hunger in the drought-turned famine, but also due to horrifying cholera outbreak. A total of 12 provinces out of 18 countrywide have confirmed cholera outbreaks.In Apr 13, 2017, the World Health Organization said a cholera outbreak in Somalia has grown to more than 25,000 cases this year alone and is expected to double by the end of June.
In the fall of 2016, when a drought turned into a growing famine amidst the ongoing war against the terrorist group al-Shabaab, a new disaster began: a cholera outbreak that daily news articles are reporting thousands of people are contracting this disease and will likely continue to sicken people across the country.
Cholera, as the indicated EMRO.WHO report has explained, is an infectious disease that causes severe, watery diarrhea. Cholera is transmitted by water or food that has been contaminated with infective feces from affected victims. The illness causes dehydration and can lead to death, sometimes in just a few hours, if left untreated.Unlike other diarrhoeal diseases, it can kill healthy adults within hours, in a population of individuals with lower immunity, with a high proportion of infant deaths, poor nutrition, and frequent infectious diseases such as measles infection, tuberculosis, and malaria.
Before 2016-2017 famine, cholera had been common in Somalia for decades. And the impoverished, famine-devastated country was already struggling with water and sanitation issues in largely stateless society due to state collapse in 1991. Death rates among Somalis infected with cholera now reach 14.1 percent in Middle Juba and 5.1 percent in Bakool, with Baidoa its centre of cholera outbreak, according with WHO.
This epidemic reflects the lack of access to basic health care because of cholera's simple treatment of rehydration therapy. Improving global access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) is a critical step to reducing Horn of Africa's cholera burden. An estimated 3-5 million cases and over 100,000 deaths occur each year around the world, according to WHO.
Aid agency health officials since January have been providing patients with medical supplies and clean water, and instructing others on how to recognize the symptoms of cholera. Health workers are providing intravenous drips to rehydrate patients, because one of the main symptoms of cholera is dehydration.
In consequence, it is of paramount importance to be able to rely on accurate surveillance data to monitor the evolution of the outbreak and to put in place adequate intervention measures as indicated by WHO. The risk for transmission of cholera and many other similar diseases can be greatly reduced by disinfecting drinking water, distributing water purifying tablets for use in homes throughout Somalia, and separating human sewage from water supplies, and preventing food contamination.
Furthermore, health authorities should educate the population members to protecting themselves such as to boil or chlorinate their drinking water, promote handwashing and proper sewage disposal, for example, burying human and animal waste. The government and the donors can broadcast mass media messages, displayed banners, and sent text messages encouraging the population to boil and chlorinate drinking water and seek care quickly if they become ill. Read posted articles

Current news headlines

4/21/2017. Somaliland editor detained after trading himself for colleague's freedom

4/8/2017: Somaliland journalist sentenced to 2 years in prison (Associated Press)

It's worth remembering that during the last famine in 2011-2012, around 250,000 people died. Today, the Somalis are facing a much worse famine than ever plus a cholera outbreak. It's about time to prevent these tragedies by holding the so-called leaders responsible for these man-made famines.

In these news updates, I post all kinds of headlines and titles published on the Horn of Africa and on the Somali diaspora. Although Somaliland is politically distinct from neighboring countries, nevertheless there are many issues the entire Somali region as a whole shares due to ecology, culture and history. For example, Somaliland shares with Somalia and other neighbouring countries many challenges and issues, including recurring drought, famine, militant terrorism, internally displaced refugees, climate change, charcoal use and its export which is now banned by the UN, human trafficking 'tahriib', illegal fishing, waste dumping and piracy, remittances 'hawallas', FGM and many others. After the initial posting, some of these links are available in the News archives.

    Updated Apr 27

  1. Wall Streeter turned Somaliland school headmaster speaks in Greenwich
  2. Africa Hunger Crisis: Somaliland Nears Famine (Catholic Relief Services)
  3. Somaliland: The Only Nation On Earth Where The Main Opposition Party Works Against Elections
  4. Somalia's Al-Shabaab Kills Senior National Security officer - Police (Reuters)
  5. In Somalia, new law could finally give rape survivors a voice (News Deeply)
  6. 'Starving children are dying on roads' - Irish aid worker 'shocked' after visit to Somalia where famine looms (
  7. Somalia Facing 'unimaginable' Hunger Crisis (Newswyre)
  8. Puntland police seize bomb-making gear, arrest five
  9. Somalia: Diarrhea disease leads to the death of 500 Somali people (Midnimo)
  10. Looming 'catastrophe' in East Africa proves why world must tackle climate change, says Oxfam (The Independent)
  11. Somalia: Drought Response - Situation Report No. 5 (as of 23 April 2017)
  12. Somalia reports 5,700 cases of suspected measles year-to-date, more than all of 2016 (Outbreaknews)
  13. Report: Kenya, Ethiopia Using Excessive Force Against Somali Civilians (Voice of America)
  14. Marching for the climate: The death of pack animals reiterates the dire situation caused by drought in East Africa (Venutres Africa)
  15. Grand jury indicts doctors in genital mutilation case (Michigan)
  16. 'I Don't Have A Place In My Heart For Somalia Right Now'(The Daily Wildcat)
  17. Somali pirate sentenced to life for attack on Ashland Navy ship (New York Daily News)
  18. How Evan Peters, Barkhad Abdi accurately capture Somali culture in 'Dabka' (Yahoo)
  19. 'Women wanted me to take a back seat'-Ilhan Omar (video)
  20. Animated video- Human Development Report 2016 (UNDP)
    Updated Apr 26

  21. Somaliland: Call for Application, Innovate Venture Tech Accelerator for Somali Start-ups
  22. Africa Intelligence: Silanyo's Emirati military base a non-starter
  23. UAE military base: Hargeisa keeps trying to persuade neighbors
  24. A glimpse on Mercy Corps program achievements in Somaliland
  25. Somaliland: Exhausted Consensus? North/South Divide? Opportunity for Meaningful Dialogue
  26. The Resistance of Al-Shabaab Will Not Break Unless Their Radical Ideology Collapses
  27. Somalia: UN Launches Lifesaving Vaccination Campaign for Children Facing Measles Threat
  28. 10 soldiers killed in road blast in northern Somalia (World Bulletin)
  29. Aid Workers Say Somalia Is 'On the Brink of a Massive Catastrophe'
  30. Turkish humanitarian aid becomes lifeline in drought-stricken Somalia (Daily Sabah)
  31. Somalia: 12 Die of Diarrhea in Central Somalia
  32. The Horn of Africa's Growing Importance to the U.A.E. (
  33. Katara supports relief campaign in Somalia
  34. Five Suspected Al-Shabaab Members Arrested In Bosaso Explosives Seized (Goobjoog News)
  35. 'Hell to Heartland': Minnesota reporter on her journey to Dadaab (Audio)
  36. Kenyan Air Force claim to have decimated an al-Shabaab base in Southern Somalia (SOFREP)
  37. Physical and mental health of Afghan, Iranian and Somali asylum seekers and refugees living in the Netherlands
  38. Piracy was never eradicated from Somali waters: Experts (Anadolu Agency)
  39. China donates $10 million dollars to WFP for Somalia aid (CGTN video)
  40. Al-Shabab fighters executed in Somalia
  41. UNSOM hosts workshop on Somalia's New Policing Model
  42. Deadly skirmish between police and soldiers in Somalia's capital
  43. Finally, FGM Is on Trial in America (The Daily Beast)
  44. Lawmakers to fight U.S. foreign aid cuts to Somalia
  45. Jailed Ethiopian journalist named 2017 'World Press Freedom Hero' (Africa News)
  46. Lawmakers To Fight U.S. Foreign Aid Cuts To Somalia (Wilmington Journal)
  47. Minnesota woman gets probation for supporting al-Shabab (AP)
  48. Minimizing civilian harm in populated areas: Lessons from examining ISAF and AMISOM policies
  49. Anti-terrorism Laws Have 'Chilling Effect' On Vital Aid Deliveries To Somalia (The Guardian UK)
  50. Rwanda to build 500 smart classrooms nationwide by end of 2017
  51. Hope for millions? First malaria vaccine to be widely tested in Africa next year (CNN)
  52. Many Somali Refugees End Up Leaving Arizona, Advocates Say (Phoenix New Times)
  53. Somaliland:'Things are worse now than two months ago'(ITV Video)
  54. Rethinking customary law in Somaliland: specific jurisdiction for rape to promote post-conflict development
  55. A nation that doesn't officially exist: on Somaliland's campaign to build a national library in Hargeisa (CityMetric)
  56. Cheetah Cubs Rescued from Illegal Wildlife Trade in Somaliland
  57. Security in the Absence of a State:Traditional Authority, Livestock Trading, and Maritime Piracy in Northern Somalia
  58. Somaliland: Country Awash with Unhealthy Imported Foods
  59. Somaliland: Wadani Party Expresses Anger over Detention of Officials
  60. Emirati doctors provide free medical services in Somaliland
  61. Tech accelerator for Somaliland, Somalia start-ups returns
  62. The Horn of Africa's Growing Importance to the U.A.E.
  63. Somalia: Response to Acute Watery Diarrhoea (AWD)/Cholera Outbreaks Emergency Plan of Action
  64. Kinship, nomadism, and humanitarian aid among Somalis in Ethiopia (abstract)
  65. Somalia: UNICEF and Partners Conduct Lifesaving Vaccination Campaign

That freedom shall not perish....

Please contact CPJ, Reporters without Borders, IFEX, Article 19, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International if you know a journalist in jail or injured. To benefit an informed public, in an information age, in an open economy and in a democracy, citizens should fight for both. In Somaliland, read more:Freedom of press in Somaliland and Hubaal and Haatuf's forced closures

An Aggressive Free Press is the Only Check on Abuse of Power. Fight for Your Right to Know. Free Media Cannot be Silenced. Democracy Dies in Darkness.

Read more:Sustainable Development Issues and Readings II

"I would rather open my mind with wonder ...than close it with belief."

"Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none." - William Shakespeare, Entire play.All's Well That Ends Well.

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